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Maxim 2014 HOT 100 List (1~25)

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1.Candice Swanepoel



Already one of the top-earning models in the world, the impossibly leggy, blue-eyed beauty was spotted at 15 and quickly established herself among the elite, appearing on countless magazine covers, and strutting the runway as Victoria's Secret's alpha Angel. That last gig saw her decked out in the bejeweled "Royal Fantasy Bra". And now, the South African model has been named the world's most desirable woman, topping our 2014 Hot 100 List.


2.Scarlett Johansson



Perched high atop the A-list, this dangerously curvy bombshell (and possessor of Hollywood’s most luscious lips) has the acting chops to back up her mind-melting hotness. We’ve watched her in indie films (Lost in Translation, Match Point). We’ve watched her in chick flicks (The Nanny Diaries, The Other Boleyn Girl). Truth is, we’d rapturously watch her sort her recycling. But first we’ll be in line for her most guy-friendly project yet, the noirish, Frank Miller–directed The Spirit.


 3.Katy Perry



This gorgeous pop star from California is best known for her hits "I Kissed A Girl," "Teenage Dream," and "Wide Awake." Oh, and she's our 2010 Hot 100 list topper


 4.Irina Shayk



This Russian model sure knows how to rock a bikini; she's been heating up the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition since 2007, including a 2011 turn on the cover. But it was her 2014 July/August Maxim cover that brought us to our knees.


5.Jennifer Lawrence



This Oscar-winning actress is the star of The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Winter's Bone.


 6.Zooey Deschanel



Before Zooey starred in the surprise indie hit (500) Days of Summer; she had already placed No. 95 on our 2008 Hot 100 list, and was known for her parts in movies like Yes Man and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But even though she's gained notoriety with her hit sitcom New Girl, to us she will always be Santa's hottest helper in Elf. Browse sexy photos and hot pics of Zooey Deschanel.


 7.Alessandra Ambrosio



If fellow Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bündchen proved anything, it’s that there must be something sexy in the water of Brazil. While her engagement to some fashion dude is heartbreaking, it’s good to know that Alessandra’s beauty remains eternal.


 8.Jessica Alba



She played a stripper in Sin City, had an unforgettable shower scene in Machete, and then the ever-hot knockout did the universe a favor by reprising her roles in the sequels for both.


 9.Mila Kunis



10.Cara Delevingne



This sexy Brit has been blessing us with her Victoria's Secret shoots since 2012, and is also an actress, appearing in movies Anna Karenina and The Face of An Angel.





This Barbadian beauty’s vaguely S & M-themed video for “Umbrella...ella...ella” made us want to be her “fella...ella...ella” (sorry). Seriously, can someone get that song out of our heads?


 12.Kate Upton



She gave a whole new meaning to the words string bikini on the cover of the most recent SI Swimsuit Edition. Have you seen her online SoBe staring contest? We were never so happy to lose a competition in our lives.


13.Eva Longoria



In addition to memorable roles on The Young and the Restless and Desperate Housewives, this brunette babe has also starred in films including Harsh Times and Over Her Dead Body, and was the winner of our Hot 100 for two consecutive years, in 2005 and 2006, as well as the title of 2014 Woman of the Year.


 14.Olivia Wilde



This model turned actress proved her skills in films like Tron: Legacy, The Change-Up, and In Time. She's also our 2009 Hot 100 List Topper.


 15.Christina Aguilera



This gorgeous pop superstar burst onto the scene as a teenager with the hit song "Genie In A Bottle," and, several years (and chart-toppers) later, made a splash as a coach on NBC's The Voice.


 16.Brooklyn Decker



This fiery Victoria’s Secret model makes even our female staff stop and stare. We think it’s time to crown a new world supermodel. Sorry, Gisele! Let’s go, Brooklyn!


 17.Laura Vandervoort



With TV roles on shows like Smallville, V, and Bitten, this Canadian beauty is a definite showstopper.


 18.Samantha Hoopes



This buxom blonde graced the Internet with her beauty through Instagram, and the universe rewarded her by turning her into a supermodel. She went from posting selfies to appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and we couldn't be happier about it.


 19.Selena Gomez



We're not the only ones who sit around pretending Selena is our girlfriend and not Justin Bieber's-right?


 20.Kaley Cuoco



This gorgeous blonde actress maintained her fame from childhood by playing Penny on the recent comedic TV show The Big Bang Theory. 



 22.Margot Robbie



As far as we're concerned, Australian actress Margot Robbie should have appeared in every frame of The Wolf of Wall Street.


 23.Miranda Kerr



The first Australian Victoria's Secret Angel, Miranda strutted her stuff on the runway just two months after giving birth. Women must love her for that.


 24.Charlize Theron



When a woman is this mind-bogglingly beautiful, we're more than willing to overlook the fact that she's eerily good at playing a serial killer, an assassin, and now an evil queen in this month's Snow White and the Huntsman.


 25.Miley Cyrus



Our 2013 Hot 100 1 went from screaming tween fans to an edgy adulthood. Working as a successful singer, model, and actress, we still can't believe that she's related to the man who coined "Achy Breaky Heart."

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